Pret – Handmade Chocolate Brownie

Umm, wow.  If you’re not lucky enough to have a Pret A Manger around (it’s pretty urban, so sorry if you don’t) don’t worry.  If you are reading this you are probably already baking amazing things at home.

Delicious.  Look at these ingredients and sigh with love.

dark chocolate
light brown sugar
granulated sugar
pastry flour


Roasted Fennel

We are trying to only cook Italian dinners –  the thought is going deeper into a culinary aspect rather then broad will make meal planning easier and provide some more interesting gastronomical opportunities over a shallow survey of world cuisine.  Fennel, as it turns out, is seen often in Italian cooking.  And we’re talking about whole, large, fennel bulbs.  Here is a simple preparation.  You can just copy and paste it into your 4teaspoons notes box.

Slice thinly 2 fennel bulbs
place in buttered baking dish
cover with a few tablespoons of best quality parmigiano-reggiano
poor in about a 1/4 cup cream or half/half

Bake until fork tender. 

Our tags: italian side vegetable easy

Fall – Puffed Apple Pancake

Living in Chicago we often went to a Walker Brothers pancake house for a Dutch apple pancake – or was it a German Pancake?  We don’t know!  We remember that it is big, full of apples and sweet.  We’ve tried a couple variations at home, but this recipe provides the simplest preparation with the highest return.  That is the best kind of return and definitely earns it place in our 4teaspoons account.

It ends up be a little custard-y, the apples sweet and puffs up beautifully without out any chemical leveners.  What do you think? It’s fall, and surely you have a few apples on hand.

Our tags: apple pancake breakfast

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